Friday, May 11, 2012

Brides and Grooms

Funny - this is Nicaragua, where most people are beautifully black haired. Should you decide to get married though, the chance that the couple on your cake consists of a blonde bride and brown haired groom is kind of high. I couldn't find any others.

Relatives Leon the blue truck met the blue bike.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Nicaragua Photo-Gallery is getting fat. I have just up-loaded more pictures, totalling at over 300 now and no end in sight. Check 'em out HERE. Hope you enjoy them.

Here some sampels for you to encourage your appetite for more: 

Road Warriors

Check in at the Road Warrior Photo Gallery soon again, it has been updated with over 100 new pictures.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Airconditioning - DIY

 Not a blue truck idea. But a blue Jeep idea: learn here how you get your legacy type car airconditioned. 

Just do it!

Factory Tour

Today I have visited a DVD production facility in Granada, Nicaragua.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Couple of Things in the Making

No, no!  No-one's pregnant. At least not based on my influence. Just a couple of things I am working on for you to hopefully enjoy the blue truck blog even more. 

First, I am working on several more photo galleries, the first ones have received a couple of pictures and will be  getting heavier as time passes: 

For Aviation Nuts: Having worked a big junk of my professional life in Aviation, I thought probably of those visiting my blogs frequently at least some are aviators as well and might enjoy some pictures of flying or once flying things. Just a few pictures there now, more, especially hundreds of retired aircraft standing in the Arizonan Desert will be coming. Visit the new Gallery HERE.

Some thing in the making: Some one though seems to be pregnant

Faces: I am often getting looked at, check out HERE by whom.

Food & Drinks: Some stuff that found its way into my stomach on the trip through the Americas. But also Bar's, Restaurants and pictures of the atmosphere and people around feasting with food and drinks. For Delikatessen, click HERE. Warning for Vegetarians: I am not one.

1000 Kilometers: This one is not yet on, but is in the making. Once I have left the house of my friends in New Jersey and set off on my trip I have taken pictures straight out of the windshield no matter how the view was, no matter where I was, every thousend kilometers, with a few exceptions, when I seem to have forgotten about it, unfortunately. Recheck soon to see the changing land scape from New Jersey to Florida, from Arizona to Alaska, from California to Mexico and into Central America.  

And than some more: Something which you might enjoy should you be on the road as well or plan to be soon. I am working on a separate page with nothing but practical information, such as border crossings, links of other travelers that do a much better job at posting their where abouts with coordinates and all that.