Friday, May 31, 2013

Overnight Locations

There is a new site on the blue truck blog, summarizing the overnight locations and some uesful links to find some places to spend the night while travelling the Americas with your own wheels.

Click here or on the page on the menu on the left of this page. 

Good Night - Sleep well!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank You for Your Visit!

This is probably going to be the month with the most clicks on my english blog. 

Time to say: Gracias por su visita!

Thank you that you are part of my trip by following or just occasionally or just for the first time visiting the blue truck blog.

Looking forward to have you virtually aboard the blue truck soon again.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hairy Creature

I never thought I would become spiderman. A couple of days ago I was cruising down a gravel road in a canyon in Peru. I almost drove over this beautiful spider on the one lane road. Shortly after that came a turn out. I pulled over, put the hazard lights on and parked the Toyota in the narrow bay at the edge to the canyon. I already saw the 18 wheeler sneaking along the curves about half a kilometer ahead of where I was. I jumped out of the truck, ran back, took a couple of pictures and tried to chase the animal off the road. First it wouldn't move. I was already thinking of picking it up, when a smooth push on it's butt finally made it run. Just enough time for me to get back to the Toyota before the 18 wheeler would have smashed the hairy fellow. 

Good Size

Friday, May 24, 2013

Do you know why there's always dog food in the blue truck?

Here is why:

Are you being greeted like that in the morning?

Some of the stray dogs can really do with some food.

Others could with a hair cut.

Seeking shade under the blue truck at a beach in Costa Rica.

Some where must have been a fox involved.

Anything cooking for me?

Guard dog?

No, no this is not why! This is a pig and not a dog, but yes I ate it and did not share with any dog. Was super tasty, Xela, Guatemala.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Do you know what it looks like when Land Cruiser are exchanging juice?

Here you go!

PS: The blue truck was the giving one

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013


My breakfast Sandwich with eggs, bacon, onions and garlic might not be very healthy. 

But hell it tastes good!

For more food expreriences on the Americas...

...check out the newly up-dated photo gallery "Food & Drinks"

Bon Provecho! 

Classic Cars In Lima, Peru

Check out my German blog for a series of pictures of true classic cars being daily runners in the capital of Peru.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Audi vs. VW

In my home country Switzerland no one would want to trade their Audi badge to a Volkswagen one, just by choice. After all they have paid a freaking amount more just for...

...that badge, despite the technology underneath being just about the same as the VW or even worse for those Audi drivers, a Skoda. 

Seems so be different in Peru. Apparently the VW, Volkswagen badge carries a higher prestige than the Audi one, how else could the owner of that 80ties Audi Coupé wanted to have his front grill badge replaced by VW one. 

I am not sure if they would agree in Ingoldstadt the place where Volkswagens are turned into Audis.

Surrounded by German Boxers

Even when surrounded by two Generations of German Boxers, the blue truck feels quite at home at Hitchhikers Hostel in Lima, Peru.

Coming Soon! - Meet and Greet

Finally! I am working on it! 

Stay tuned! - What for?

Coming Soon!

The unlimited never ending MEET & GREET page on the blue truck blog. With...

...dear friends I have met on the road... of the blue truck...

...amigos met...

...buddies I played in the mud with...

...or hiked up on volcanos...

...folks driving the coolest ever classic rigs, towing vintage airstream trailers...

...or hot four wheeling things...

...and others with amazing travelling histories...

...all that and much more coming soon on  a new page on this blog "Meet & Greet". So, stay tuned and meet a lot of good people, right from the comfort of your sofa, here on the blue truck blog. 

Come back soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things you might not see on your way to work

Roadies on the...


...classic cars...

...vehicles created in some welding-artist's shop... emission road users...


...and things that were on the roads in Europe while I was a kid.

All that you can check out now in the freshly up-dated photo-gallery of the Road Warriors.


Impressions from riding my bike through Lima

The capital of Peru, Lima has about as many inhabitants as my home country Switzerland or more than 7 times as many as my home City Zurich, Switzerland. While riding my bike through a city with over 8 million people and traffic conditions that are nothing short of being nuts, might not be the safest way to get around, it is for sure one to see a lot and experience the City much closer than riding in a taxi. 

Miraflores from where I set off is different. Beach promenades, café's nice, expensive shopping and fancy hotels.

Classic cars in every side street...

...suffering from the salty, smogy air in Lima.

Ciclovia along the sea shore in Miraflores.

As a pedestrian you have even fewer rights on the streets of Lima than as with your bicicleta. The big signs on the asphalt do not change anything of the "bigger, faster" priorities in traffic.

Some vintage cars are in excellent conditions. Ford Falcon Station Wagon.

In principal the city is built as many US cities, with a system of roads as a grid. Some how they manage to have curves, CURVAS anyways.

In the park in front of the art museum.

Security guards everywhere. Despite its reputations: This must be a very safe city.

More security.

And more police, the handcufs at the belt are referred to as "mi esposas" by the police officers "my wifes".

Trying to get you to the brake overhaul shop, walking advertising.

Peru's flag reflecting in the windows of a bus.