Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Toyota Die Hard Story

If you are tired of just looking at my Toyota Photo-Gallery to see old, beaten up hard to die trucks, you might want to check out this story about a 4 Runner which eventually was used as a log carrier. Pretty amazing. 

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I found the link on James and Lauren's blog. I have met them in San Pedro, Guatemala and they are well ahead of me now, already touring South America in their cool Toyota 4 Runner.

And of course, always fun to watch how Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear unsuccessful tries to kill a Toyota HiLux. Which by the way now is at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, in UK's New Forest. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thomas the Steam engine

"Thomas the steam engine", this is what Toni & Felix called me while we were traveling together. Largely varying on fuel quality and also on altitude the blue truck might become a fairly dirty fellow. Due to its old fashioned but durable construction and design, without Turbocharger the Toyota also might smoke like the trucks did in the old days. This was at over 3'000 meters over sea level with full throttle just before shifting gears up.

Deadly Snake dead

Found on the road on Osa peninsula

I'll be right back

Souveniers, Souveniers or Things the World does not need

Care for a coconut monkey?

Or rather a Tucan fridge magnet...

...or a Tucan dust catcher?

A monkey on a bottle?

Or... mmmhh - no comment.

A frog size 12?

Dust catcher in tropical cloud forest wood you shouldn't buy anyways.


And finally, this is the perspective of a five year old, if you let him wander around in that souvenier shop.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

South Padre Island National Park

Not just this Pelican during its take-off, but also miles and miles of driving at the beach, dolphins, birds, birds and more birds I have experienced and seen during my visit of the beautiful National Park in the southern part of the United States' second biggest State, Texas. Finally there is a photo gallery with some of the pictures up-loaded, more to follow soon. Enjoy! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Camping on Northern Nicoya

The sun is setting over the Pacific...

...putting my camp into a soft...

...warm light.

What a view for my BBQ.

The sun seems to sink into the Pacific.

Hawler monkeys and singing birds are waking me up early in the morning.

The sun is rising over Bahia Culebra.

Kind of a wild face is welcoming me into the new day.

The Blue Truck goes Snorkling

Crossing Rio Arío on Peninsula Nicoya

Even my new rubber-boots get to its limitations. I must admit: It feels a little strange when the water starts rising over the hood, and the exit of the Rio is still kind of far away. Here I was still a happy camper, seconds later the camera flew on the passenger seat and I grabbed the wheel as the nose took a sudden dive (in the  truest sence of the word) even deeper into the cafe-latte colored Rio Arío. My feet remained dry and the blue truck's engine kept running with just a little squeezing from the fan belt when running on the floated pulleys. 

What for is that black snorkel on the right hand side again?

Check out this LINK for Tipps & Tricks to get your car ready for adventures like that.

I wish I had someone taking a picture from the other side as crossing through