North America: 

USA - New-Jersey - NewYork

USA - New Jersey - Edison Museum West Orange

USA - North East to Atlanta

USA - Georgia

USA - Florida

USA - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

USA - New Orleans

USA - Texas

USA - Texas South Padre Island National Park

USA - Texas, Big Bend National Park

Bonaire - Dutch Antiles   -  A trip to the caribean to see my friends

USA - New Mexico

USA - Utah

USA - Utah Monument Valley

USA - Arizona

USA - Nevada

USA - Wyoming - Montana - Idaho

USA - Alaska

USA - Oregon

USA - California

Canada - British Columbia

Canada - Yukon & Northwest Territories

Mexico - Baja California

Mexico - Topolabampo to San Miguel

Mexico - San Miguel de Allende

Mexico - Guanajuato

Mexico - Guanajuato to Acapulco

Mexico - Acapulco to Oaxaca

Mexico - Oaxaca to Cancun

Mexico - Cancun to El Ceibo

Mexico - Käfer

Mexico - La Carrera Panamericana

Mexico - Reloaded

Central America:




Costa Rica


South America:

Colombia - Cartagena

Colombia - Cartagena to Villa de Leyva

Colombia - Villa de Leyva

Colombia - Villa de Leyva to Bogota

Colombia - Bogota

Colombia - Bogota to Medellín

Colombia - Medellín to Ipiales

Ecuador - Galapagos   



Los Andes


Bolivia - Lagunas y Salares

Chile North   


Schweiz - Trip Home Fall 2012

Schweiz - Arosa Classic Summer 2013

the blue truck:

When a Land Cruiser became the blue truck

The blue truck on the road

Theme Galleries:

1000 Kilometer - A view out of the windshield every 1'000 k's

Beautiful Nature

Camping - Where I'm at home

Couples - It's all about kissing and hugging

Faces - Am I being followed?

Food & Drinks - All about the pleasure of eating and drinking

For Aviation Nuts - Things that fly or once did so

Found at the Beach - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

House & Homes - How do you live?

Road Warriors I - On the roads of the Americas

Road Warriors II - More off what cruises on the roads of the Americas

Signs - Signs and things that are signposted on the Americas

Take a Picture - Pictures of picture taking people

Die Hard - Toyotas

Toyotas II - More, more and more Toyotas

Wild Things - Animalistic Stuff