GBU: The GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY

The GBU Series.

This is the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY of the blue truck. CLICK HERE and get to the post that tell you what has proven well, what not and what I would do different when building a 4WD travelling vehicle again. 

The Good: Unbeatable Camping Experience, here free camping in Costa Rica

This is thought to help those that are working on their dream, getting a vehicle ready to travel. So you won't need to make those mistakes again that I've already done for you and you might wanna copy one or the other thing that has proven well over the past almost five years travelling from New York to Alaska, from their to Ushuaia and up to Olinda in Brasil and down to Montevideo/Uruguay. 

The Ugly: Front Wheel-Bearing damage in Bogota/Colombia

Hope this is beneficial for you. Don't hesitate to comment with tips, tricks and your own experience to the referenced issue. 

When you click on THIS LINK you will get to a list of all posts on my blog with the GBU label.


Right now there is not too much under that label but there will be more posts coming...

...for example about furniture building for your car about the water system... 

...or Electrical Stuff...

...suspension and off-road capabilities...

...camping equipment reviews or... to manufacture a solid floor board for your vehicle.

Happy Camping!

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