Thursday, October 30, 2014

Now I know...

...where Pamela Anderson, Victoria Beckham and Co. go shopping! 

Right here: 

The shop in the old town of Uruguay's Capital Montevideo was closed, but its name seems to say it all. 

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

For the Off-Roaders among the blue truck Friends

Since many of my overlanding friends have a weak spot for all wheel driven things....

...I thought I should give the 4x4 gallery a long overdue up-date...

...and give you some more pictures of all-wheel driven...

HERE you'll find your way to a lot of all wheel driven things I have encountered between Alaska and Ushuaia or a bit left or right or up or down of that route. 


Should I be afraid?

South American Wiring.

Just one of the many interesting examples.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Barbie and Ken in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is so fashionable that even Barbie and Ken wear nothing but uniquely designed dresses!

For more pictures of Argentina's amazing Capital visit the Buenos Aires photo Gallery!


Lesson # 2 in Getting Adjusted to the Italians

So, after I have posted my first Lesson of my efforts in getting adjusted to ship back to Europe aboard an Italian vessel, my dear sister Beatrice has reminded me of how important it is to learn lesson number 2 very well, in order to, at least, try to understand the Italians.

Unforgettable, and probably Jim Jarmusch's best movie, Down by Law: And we all screm for ice cream! 

Thanks Beatrice! - I am sure by the time we'll be boarding we are well prepared to understand Italians speaking English. 

Viva Italia!

Old Rolling Things on The Americas

One of your most popular blue truck Photo Galleries has just received an up-date. You'll find classic cars from Wolfsbug... 

...powerful USA born... 


There are unknown homebuilt ones...

...tired and...

...resting beauties. 

Surfing buddies alongside...

...british motorcar heritage.

Pick-Up trucks... well as beautifully restored John Deere's can be found HERE.

Many of the cars you'll find in the classic cars gallery aren't daily drivers anymore...

...but many well aged ones are still on the road every day.

Click HERE and enjoy...

...a colorful series of... of classic cars...

...from all over the places but...

...all being dirven on the...

...American Continent.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Planning is everything!

The blue truck will soon ship home to Europe with an Italian Shipping Company. And as you might have figured out by now, I am always doing my utmost to culturally adjust as good as ever possible. So I am getting all kinds of on-line training right now to adjust to the Italian culture that I might find aboard the vessel. 

Of course it includes some training on accents of the English language that might be spoken aboard an Italian Ship.