Friday, March 22, 2013

Oregon - USA

Did you get tired of those Photo Galleries with hundreds and hundreds of pictures? Here is the one for you. Oregon, USA, small but beautiful. Click HERE to get directly to the small - really - gallery.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have been catching up with some of my picture sorting, there is a lot of new pictures in the Alaska Gallery.


Do you believe in Reincarnation?

If so, you might trust me that I have met reborn Bob Marley. He didn't sing much...

...neither smoked a joint, but... doubt, he got that hairstyle down right. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calssic Cars on the Panamericana

The old Austin Truck that I had posted a couple of days ago has gotten a lot of clicks already. So I have decided to share some more classic cars that I have encountered along the Panamericana with you. Also visit my german blog post for another selection of classic panamericana vehicles. For links to more photos scroll down to the bottom of this post. 

Volkswagen Beetle in Guanajuato, a daily runner by the way.

Pretty stylish company car of 1886 cafe & bakery in Austin, Texas.

Along the road in Texas, 1960? 1975? 1980? No! The picture was taken 2011.

One of many VW's in Mexico.

A retired Dodge pick-up truck in Arizona.

A Buick in Arizona.

Upside down, probably to use its organs. In the desert in southern Arizona.

Another desert find of Arizona.

An another one.

The Arizona way of car recycling.

Pretty cool RV. Arizona, USA.

My very first car was a Triumph Spitfire like the yellow one in front of the home made buggy.

In the Canadian Rockies.

This was an interesting find: A former Swiss Army Unimog, now in Alberta. I was waiting in front of the store for a while to get to talk to the owners about the history and how the beast found its way from a Swiss Military warehouse to Canada. But no one seem to show up, so I left and just took the picture.

Route 66

More Route 66.

One of the many Gringos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

And another Gringo in Mexico.

Beautiful old Land Rover 88 in Nicaragua.

Could have been taken 30 years ago, this picture. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Route 66

In Mexico it's the VW's in Colombia it's the Renault 4's

On the Road in Colombia.

A lot of Vintage trucks still doing there duty daily in Colombia.

A Colombian Zebra in Villa de Leyva.

The old Land Rovers are by far the coolest looking 4x4s, Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Volkswagen Camper in Mexico.

Don't know what this car was, it looked like an old Japanese model to me, but I don't know. On the Road in Colombia.

Bogota, Colombia. This would be a perfect car to build a vintage travelling car, 
the green truck - just dreaming.

Ready to go, we're packed! Another Colombian Renault 4

An early Suzuki 4x4, Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Jeep Taxis in Colombia.

A Mack truck, actually in very good condition, Colombia.

Amazing. This bus does even have a passenger seat on the left of the driver.

50:50: 50% bus, 50% truck on the road in Colombia.

If you would like to see more photos of cars, trucks and what's moving the goods and people on the roads of the Americas:

Find over 800 pictures of American Road Warriors HERE.

Nothing but Toyotas can be seen HERE. For pictures of my Toyota, click HERE for photos while under construction and HERE for pictures on the road (or some times off the road).

Volkswagen Käfer and other VW's, mainly mexican ones, can be found HERE.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Do you wanna see it all?

Visit the Photo Gallery for a full view of pictures of the blue truck's travels.

Have fun!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Austin 245F - El Unico

Do you remember when the British car manufacturer Austin, famous for the great original Mini still made trucks. I didn't, until I saw this classic example in Colombia about 2 months ago. I believe this is a 245F model which was built until mid of the 1960ies. So this example my be well over 50 years old. And still going strong. The once panoramic original windshield has been modified, I assume due to the lack of a replacement and instead of one panoramic big screen the truck has now two flat front windshields and two little corner windows. Did you notice? No wipers. It also appears as the front has been modified to fit a larger radiator. I have seen this truck with the probably true, at least for Colombia, sign over the windshield "AUSTIN - EL UNICO" = "AUSTIN - THE ONLY ONE". 

And this is...
Source:'s British Original, note the huge panoramic windshield.

I spotted this vintage truck on a Ferry on Rio Magdalena in Colombia. 

The sister ship as we crossed each others path on the Rio. Note the interesting load on the ramp. In addition all the pedestrians and moto passangers were right upfront on that ramp as well. I figured due to no space further back and the only place with some shade behind the white truck, since it was very hot and even more humid. Good to trust those ramp chains. 

For more interesting findings on the streets of North, Central and South America check out my Road Warriors Photo Gallery

Friday, March 8, 2013

Catholic Church and Condoms

The Pope, I mean the old Pope, which now technically is the old-old Pope, since he is old and no longer the Pope. But anyways, he did not approve the use of condoms, despite HIV and all, as we all know. Maybe an opportunity for the new one to look into that when he comes. 

In Bogota they did go ahead with a good example, this past, rainy Christmas days of last year, Josef, Maria and all the folks at the Christmas scene were covered in rubber. - Maybe a sign for a positive change?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hosteria Islamar Salango

Hello overland travellers!

Here comes a tip where you can spend the night - pretty sure you'll stay longer - at a fantastic place. Hosteria Islamar, at the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. This beautiful place offers a lot for travellers, you can pitch a tent, vehicle camp like I do or rent a cabaña (bungalow) :

Beautiful leveld platforms... 

...with a breeze and a view...

...and privacy.

The amazing place on a large terrain above the sea across the island of Salango was designed, developed and is owned by the Swiss Christian and his wife Ana and managed by the colombian-ecuadorian couple Patricia & Carlos

There are several leveled walk-in only spots on the large property that are specifically designed for those pitching a tent. Most of the spots have a simple but very functional campfire/barbeque place, bring your own grill and wood or carbon. 

Ready to pitch your tent here and...

...grill your dinner here?

Look at the moon while showering.

The shower for the campers is simple but effective.

Cold water only, but you won't miss hot water, most of the time 
the temperatures are warm.

There is a cool restaurant/bar with views over the island and the Pacific, where you can get a beer or eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A "sendero" down the hill will bring you to the beach in about 5 minutes. 

Down there is a private gate just for the guests of Hosteria Islamar. Ask for the key at the restaurant and you can get in and out as you please. From here it is also a short walk to the village of Salango.

There is a building specifically for the campers. It offers benches, a table, electricity, free WiFi and...

...hammocks with a view to the island.

WiFi is also available at the restaurant.

Feel like one of the Pelikans flying through the sky and walk to the Mirador (view point) that offers views to both beaches and to the Island of Salango. Right now unfortunately it is not season but from June to September you can spot Wales from right up here, they are cruising through the waters between the island and the mainland.

I do not know if it every changes but most of the days you will have the beach pretty much to yourselfs.

Beautiful plants and trees can be checked out all over the huge terrain. 

Are you a birder? There are many type of birds including colibris that you can observe and hear there song. From some of the Camping spots and especially from the view point you can observe birds flying from above them and look down on them.

There is a playground for the kids at the restaurant, there is a little climbing garden on the way down to the beach. There are many other activities. Patricia will be happy to help you set up a trip to "the poor man's Galapagos" Isla de la Plata or to the Island of Salango. Fishing, snorkling and diving trips can all be arranged. 

One of the walk-in tent Camping spots.

Beautiful plants and beautiful views all over.

Check out the Hosteria Islamar website for further information:

For reservations contact Patricia by e-mail or phone:
Tel: 052 347 057
Cell: 098 772 5246 or 099 851 9261 or 099 385 7580

How to get there: 
Check out the section on the islamar web page, click HERE
Or use your GPS: S01°35.957' W080°51.141'

Here is what other travellers say about Islamar:

I am sure you'll like it as much as I do.