Friday, August 31, 2012


Since this month the total on clicks on this blog will hit a total of 15'000, I thought I am going to give you some statistics of what you as a reader, follower, fan or accidential surfer liked best so far.

The Top Ten:

Popular topless blondes...
1. The blue truck meets the big truck

The five month with the most clicks:

...more popular, big trucks

1. March 2012 with 1'065 clicks
2. August 2012 with 1'038 clicks
3. July 2012 with 1'008 clicks
4. June 2011 with 960 clicks
5. July 2011 with 910 clicks

75'772 times the photos in the galleries have been clicked until today. The most popular photo galleries:

Construction of the blue truck
1. The Cruiser - 19'410 clicks
2. Baja California - 5'772 clicks
3. Road Warriors - 4'904 clicks
4. USA - Florida - 4'118 clicks
5. Nicaragua - 3'166 clicks

My German Blog has been visted 34'702 times

Most entered in Internet search machines to get to this blog:

At Atigun Pass
1. the blue truck trip e-blog
2. topless blondes
3. atigun pass
4. the blue truck trip through the americas
5. richard halliburton

The most visitors have clicked in one of these countries:

Guatemaleans are among
 the top 10 visitors 
1. Switzerland 6'645
2. USA 4'345
3. Germany 621
4. Mexico 604
5. Canada 470
6. Rusia 413
7. UK 224
8. Costa Rica 188
9. Guatemala 100
10. Dutch Antilles 

At the Computer:

51% visit the blog from a Windows computer
31% from a Apple Macintosh
7% from an iPhone
5% from a Black Berry
1% from an iPad

30% use Apple's Safari browser
27% Internet Explorer
19% surf with Firefox
15% with Google Chrome
5% with a mobile browser

In summary you like pictures best, there you like pictures of the blue truck and the construction of it most. My personal favorite post "Baby you can drive my car" did not yet make it into the charts.

Thank you for visting my blog and being part of my trip. Come back soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twin Bed RV

I am pretty happy with my Toyota, but the bed size of this RV -  for, I would say two couples - not bad! Just wait with the action until it's dark on your campground. 

Beetle Mania

Mexico is full of really cool and fun Volkswagen bugs, check out the newly up-dated 300 pictures heavy photo gallery here.

If you'd like to see pictures of all kind of interesting and fun things that drive around in the Americas, visit my Gallery Road Warriors.

Die Hard Toyotas can be found here


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finca Ixobel - A perfect Stop in Guatemala

No matter whether you camp, backpack, wish to rent a bungalow or just want to hang a hammock for the night, Finca Ixobel, South of Poptun on your way from or to Tikal in Peten will be a worth while stop.

First of all, it is peaceful.


It has a large natural swimming pool with fish instead of chemicals in it. 

Prices are more than fair and the food that is offered and comes from the home grown organic farm is awasome. Definitely worth a stop. 

GPS Coordinates: 

Prices to Camp without electricity (August 2012): Q 25/Person/Night

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have not been driving to Bonaire in the Toyota but flying. It is already a couple of months back on my trip since I parked the blue truck in Houston and boarded a plane to fly to Bonaire to visit my friends Roland & Irene who run a fantastic place on the Island in the Dutch Antilles.

The first pictures of Bonaire are on-line, more to come.

Should you want to fly to a beautiful caribean island with fantastic beaches, amazing spots to snorkel or if you are even a scuba diver, Bonaire is almost a must.

I would recommend to stay at Bonaire Fun at The Dive Hut or at Tropicana Appartments. The Dutch-Swiss couple Irene & Roland will make your stay a pleasant one, for sure.

Enjoy Bonaire!

Amazing colors...

...this is not a pool! It was a boat trip on the ocean.

Small house, big boat.

"You got mail" (mailbox at Bonaire Fun)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arizona - Something For Boys & Girls

Arizona in the Southwest of the USA offers something...

...for girls...

...and guys...

...a lot for hikers...

...for gun lovers...

....aviators and...

...snow lovers as well as those that... the desert heat...

...and more for girls...

...and even more for guys.

The first pictures are in the Arizona Photo Gallery, many more to come, re-check if you like the hot southern US State. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I was on a hike in Catalina State Park in Arizona, resting eating my sandwich, it took me awhile until I realized that little fellow that was sticking opposite of me on a granite rock. 

By the time I left, a little baby one joined and they seemd to take a sun bath right there on the rock.

For a lot more Wild Things, visit my Photo Gallery HERE.

Monument Valley - Utah

Find a series of pictures of the amazing Monument Valley in Utah by simply moving your mouse over here and click. An absolutely super spot to camp. Zero facilities but worth waking up with the sun glancing through the valley. Priceless. Enjoy!

Here are the coordinates where you are allowed to camp with an absolut fantastic view into the valley:


There is no infrastructure beside a couple of portable blue shit-houses. But worth doing without much more for one night. You'll have to get the permit in the hotel complex, it costs a couple of bucks, forget how much exactly. Also the drive into the valley is not free, what is nowadays anyway? And you can not drive the entire valley with your own car, some portions are "by tour operators only". 4x4 is not required to drive the valley, neither high clerance. The road is not paved but good. Nights can get cold, days can get hot.

New Mexico

Catch-up, catch-up, catch-up, this is what I am doing, sorting through all those pictures building up galleries. Here is a new one. Pictures of New Mexico, you'll find them here. Hope you like'em.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Check it out... has received a lot of new material.

Enjoy it!

Also, here you can see pictures of Texas' Big Bend National Park.

Looks good, your new helmet...

...a little gay maybe, but good! Want to see more of what crosses my path on the roads of the Americas? Check out the freshly up-dated Photo Gallery Road Warriors

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'll be back next summer...

...or the summer after...

...or never?

...or still there?

Would you have gone and checked that carvan out, standing deserted, lonely on a field aside a gravel raod in Costa Rica. Ever read the book "Into the Wild"? 

O.k, this is no old bus and it is a tropical American Country and not Alaska but still - Would you?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Alaska to Argentina and heading North?

Yes, you are right, there is something wrong with that picture, why is he back in Honduras again after having made it all the way to Panama. Sounds rahter like from Alaska to Alaska. As a regular blog reader you have figured out that there is something wrong with that trip. 

Young black bear in Alaska
And yes, I am currently moving North again. I am heading for Mexico from where I will take a break and fly to Switzerland to help my parents move from a house into an appartment, in October I will return to Mexico and plan to ship the blue truck directly from Veracruz to Cartagena in Colombia. 

That's how that works, Alaska to Argentina with a North heading.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Election Year in the US

For my US blog readers, since it is election year in the United States.

Picture taken on the yard of a Farm in Texas, 2011.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Well Armed

Of course it's Texas, where else would a State Trooper be armed like that.

Picture taken in Austin in the park of the State Capitol, January 2011.

For more texan pictures, click here.

Road Warriors

The Road Warriors Gallery has received new pictures.

Go and check it out!