Sunday, June 30, 2013

Great Night In

Some times you don't need to go out to have a great time. 

Last night we had an international BBQ party at Camping La Quinta in Cusco Peru.

And even if you are a vegetarian there was something for you...

...everybody was preparing some food, sides, salads, sweets...

...or making sure the grill was... 

...adequately used. 

Thank you for a great night, my fellow campers at La Quinta, Cusco, Peru.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Foot Sited!

Exactly two years ago, June 29, 2011 on the blue truck travles. Signposted on the information board of an Alasken Natural Reserve:


Watch your cocker spaniels!

Chilling & Grilling: BBQ @ La Quinta

We're having an International Overlander Jamboree here at Camping La Quinta. Without having planned it. I have not seen as many overlanders at one spot since Mexico. 

USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands are present in person. Veichles manufactured in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada and probaly Mexico (you never know with those US trucks).  

We are going to fight the cold nights today with a huge BBQ, a Campfire and some internally heating drinks. 

Camping La Quinta rocks!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cusco, Camping La Quinta

What a runner "Beautiful Girls and Tough Trucks" had been, in less than 24 hours this post got over 400 clicks! A record on the blue truck blog!

I am not sure if I manage to keep up fast enough with "Meet and Greet" I have just arrived at the Camping in Cusco again, third time. And there are so many campers, I believe I haven't seen as many travelling vehicles at the same time since I have left the USA. So forgive me if it takes a while for me to provide you with more, more beautiful girls, more interesting families, more long travelling couples and more tough trucks.

Stay tuned, the next up-date is coming, soon - sooner or later!

Monday, June 24, 2013

What a Guide!

On Machu Pichu you can hire true full service tour guides...

...including a creamy backrub. But! Make sure you negotiate your prices before, nothing is for free at South Americas most visted tourist attraction.

Stay tuned to see more tourists,

Ooops.... sorry... see more of Machu Pichu soon. 

Right here on the blue truck blog.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ground Power Unit - For Aviators Only!

This one is for my aviation friends: Peruvian GPU, four standard truck batteries connected together, a cable with a aircraft plug and off you go. It worked!

Are you a true Aviation Nut?


Really, really?

I mean do you really have Aviation in your flesh and blood?

If so, you should visit the Aviation Nut Photo Gallery.


Beautiful Girls and Tough Trucks

...and much, much more: Cool guys, resourceful blogs, impressive couples, beautifuly artistic webpages, entire families on the road, interesting folks from all over the world.

Photo by Akiko

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Land Cruisers come with shower

Do you remember when I was telling you about my OMG-Shower, not? Read about it here! It seems as Toyota Land Cruisers are just something for clean people, they just seem to come with a shower, those Toyotas. Even though I must admit... version is not as elegant as the fixed installation this peruvian travelling Cruiser has. 

And I must admit, as impressive this installation is, I would have torn it off about a hundred times by now while going through the bush, sneeking along rocky walls or beeing too lazy to cut the trees left and right before squeezing through.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Check the Roadies out: First up-date of MEET AND GREET!

Click HERE... get to the updated list...

...of the page MEET & GREET. And follow many other Roadies on their journey.

Hitchhikers Hostal Lima

The seccond go around at Hitchhikers Hostal in Lima...

...we are sitting kind of tight and cozy together. 

What means badass in French? Or: The French Answer... the German MAN's and Unimog's overlanding on the American Continent. I have met this french family of four in their badass off-road Renault truck in Cusco. The truck is for sale in a couple of months in South America. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Los Andes

It is now here!

The blue truck photo gallery of the longest mountain range in the world: Los Andes.

Living at the edge.

Surviving where others did not make it.

And ever again, breathtaking beauty.

CLICK here and enjoy ther first series of pictures of Los Andes.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finally it is here: Meet and Greet!

Wanna meet hot folks and cool people?

The new page on the blue truck blog is on-line: Meet and Greet

Find many travellers I have met along my trip, browse their blogs, travel virtually with them and much more. All from the comfort of your sofa back home.


Logically this is a work in progress and will change as time moves on, so,  worth your while revisiting soon again.

It's Not Rush-Hour Yet!

This is Lima trafic during the day, imagine what rush hour looks like!

By the way...

...I am not the last one in line, it doesn't look much better in the rear view mirror.

All part of the fun!

Imagine when this country moves up a little economic wise and more people can afford their own wheels.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

You Are Not Alone!

I am currently camping at Camping La Quinta in Cuzco, Peru. I have not seen as many Overlanders for a long time. Many countries are represented, a large French connection, Canadian's from London, Germany, New Zealand and since yesterday California, USA. And a Swiss in a blue truck.

Camping La Quinta Coordinates: S13°30.347'  W071°59.113'  3597 meters

After having camped in the wild for many days it is a lot of fun meeting up with other travellers again. I have ended up chatting so much that for the past two days I have not yet seen much of Cuzco at all. But the blue truck got a little TLC too. The constant beatings and vibrations over rough roads have killed one of the headlight bulbs and some of the bedroom light bulbs as well. All that is in order again, water filter next. And finding out where to get new BFG M/T tires in Lima. I could strech the replacement out another 5'000 kilometers or so if I would rotate them again rear to front. But I have some serious cuts from stones on the  rear ones and I do not really want to put those in the front. If one decides to quite on me I rather have it on the rear axle than in the front. Heading to Lima the coming week. Hope to find new ones there.