Monday, December 29, 2014

It's not over yet

Now being back home, you might think that I take it all easy and everything, the vacation after the vacation kind of thing. 

But - you are wrong! Not just because after the trip is before the trip...

...but also because there are thousends of pictures waiting to be sorted, galleries to be cleaned up and pictures to be up-loaded. 

One of the most visited galleries is the one with...

...the pictures of classic cars and bikes on the...

...Panamericana. And this is also the first of the Photo-Galleries that is completed with the...

...the rework. So by now, visiting Classic Cars of the Americas, you can...

...find many photos in high resolution of classic cars and bikes.

Some in wonderful colonial towns, others...

...restored and on display but even more...

...daily drivers.

O.k. some retired ones as well.

CLICK here and get directly to the photo gallery "Classic Cars of the Americas".


Greetings to the Summer

Here is one for all my friends in the Southern Hempisphere SUMMER. 

This picture was taken a few minutes ago, here in wintery Switzerland. 

Whether you are here or over there or some where else, take care and be safe!

The blue truck Water to Wine Miracle

You know, when you are travelling with a 4 wheel drive travelling vehicle having water in your watertank is almost as important as having diesel in the fuel tank. But when you are shipping your vehicle over the Atlantic ocean things are a little different and you might start working on that Water to Wine miracle. 

By now, the blue truck has found home again and it is parked in my little workshop in Switzerland. Still, it has not entirely been unloaded and is still waiting for some TLC. But what I have done already: I have opened the top of the watertank and look what I have found when opening the lid. 

Interesting, here in the tank there always used to be around 80 liters of water. And now as I started unloading the whole sh... I hauled around the Americas I discovered all of a sudden there is a lot...

...I mean a lot of Uruguayan wine in the water tank.

A Miracle at last! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Well, well, well...

It's been awfully quiet on the blue truck blog. But now, after over a month without Internet aboard the Italian vessel Grande Francia its over with the quiet time, as much as you might wish it for the coming Holidays. 

I wish you a super wonderful Christmas with friends and family and thank you for having travelled aboard the blue truck the past months. 

Stay tuned, it's not over yet!

Happy Holidays