About me

Unfortunately the profile page can only handle either German or English (or I just didn't figure out how to get that done), therefore you will find a little more info about me on this page.

1967, early March, close to midnight, a little red Renault Ondine is rushing through Zurich. The short trip started with 2 aboard, and ended with 3. The foundation for this blog is set that very night. No wonder - being born in a car - the interest for mobility and more so for all kinds of machines that drive, fly or float has never really left me since, neither did a certain restlessness, the urge to travel and explore new things, new lands. Bicycle trips during my early teenage years were followed by my first trip to see the mediteranean, two weeks on my little moped, top speed about 30 mph. Ouch, my butt is hurting by just thinking about it. The fascination for both, travelling as well as the technique to be on the move continued. 1990 my first big trip, backpacking around the world. Professionally as well, it has lead me from trucks and automobiles to large diesel engines on vessels and in power stations around the globe and finally into aviation, where I have spent the last 17 years, in Zurich, Switzerland, Dallas, Texas and Zurich again. And now, I have just started my tour through North, Central and South America in my blue truck, modified to be my home for the next couple of months. The story continues in this blog – come along and travel with me once in awhile by checking out what’s new here. – Welcome aboard the blue truck!

Renault Ondine