Tuesday, October 19, 2010


...with some delay my english blog is up and running, as you might figure, I am a little delayed with the posts, especially compared to the german one. There will be much more soon, you will find a page with pictures and short discriptions of the modifications to my new rolling home. And should my limited IT knowledge allow me to do so, there will be a google map tracking where I've been. So, be patient and check again. More to come soon.

The Privatair Boeing 737 takes a wide curve over Zurich, a last quick view to the lake of Zurich, Üetliberg, my little weekend hike, my always working sightseeing visit with guests from abroad whether private or business or just non Zurichoise Swiss. Slight spots with reflections of the fall sun on the lake and off we go towards the West. Bye-bye, Zurich, bye-bye home, see you again.

Now, after all the final hectical moments I am sinking in the comfy business chair, my adrenalin level – after days of highs with tons of things to do from the taxman to the city, from one bye-bye beer to the next fare well dinner, and some of the last things I still have not done yet – leveled in low down, my trip has started. For moments I am getting a little melancholic, is it the right thing I do? What awaits me on this journey? Even more so, what awaits the dear people I am leaving behind, those I knew close to me just moments ago and will be far away, at least geographically while I am making one of my dreams come true. Before I find time to further think about all that the 737 is climbing into the clouds up to 32’000 feet. Slowly we are climbing further to 37’000 feet. It is the pax info system only, that lets me guess that I am flying over France and just about to pass the English Channel as we are advancing towards the West. Europe is covered with grey clouds.
Up here the sun is striking me warm behind my window. It is the ice crystals on the window pane that actually show me how misleading this warm feeling is and how freezing cold it actually is up here.
Damned it always is the British weather, but it is over the South of the British Island where the clouds disappear and I can make out Cornwall and Devon through the last few bits of fog. It reminds me of my times when I was studying in the UK, Bournemouth, South England. It was winter, everyone said how fxxxxd up I was going to be with the weather there in winter. And beautiful it was most of those November and December days with sunshine, I wouldn’t be as crazy as the British jumping into the channel to take a bath at one of those sunny days, but I sure enjoyed it. Memories come up, almost 30 years ago, the driven off rear view mirror on the rental car on a trip with my good friends Susanna and Martin or the rip off bicycle deal by the bike dealer in Bournemouth are all present again as it would have been jus last year.
While I hang with those thoughts, England is long past by under us and we are far over the Atlantic cruising along. Now and then I can see the Ocean, but unable to see a vessel to feed my imagination that it would be exactly this boat that carries the container with my Toyota towards New York.
Chhrrrrbrr  -  an English voice with a strong Russian accent explains that it currently is about 20°C in Newark. Not bad. Much more than to the warm weather I am looking forward to meet Raymond and his son Dylan who will pick me up at the airport. What a privilege to be able to count a lot of good people all around the world to my friends.
Sleeping, that is what I should do…

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