Monday, December 13, 2010

...on the road again...

On the way to the Florida Keys

Finally. Back in the USA, currently in Destin, FL. Travelling with my third guest, Ursi, from Switzerland. I know I have fallen behind in updating my blog. And I promise I will try to do much better in the future. It is not just that I had to take an unexpected break when travelling back to Switzerland for a couple of weeks but also that being on-line has proven to be a rather rare case the way I travel, since mostly in the outdoors in State and National Parks.  

Scary Face 1...

Scary Face 2.

Chronologically it will be rather messy, but never the less, stay tuned for a couple of exciting stories to be read here soon. I met up with old friends from aviation during my visit to Atlanta Georgia, spent a relaxed weekend with Denise in Savannah. My old friend Reto came and travelled with me from Miami to the Keys, to Orlando and back to Miami. We have met pot smoking red roster with his buddy from jail, learned about riders and writers, I explained about a million times how I transformed the Toyota to become a miniature RV. And much, more.

Hillsborough State Park, FL


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