Saturday, January 29, 2011

Austin Texas

Austin is a cool City. I really like it. A totally different Texas. Every one seems to run or ride a bycicle through the City and despite the fact that the Texas Capitol in Austin is taller than the US one in Washington DC, not everything and everyone is bigger here in Austin. A lot of people walking through the streets, especially in the evening, hopping from one bar to the next, enjoying music, drinks, food.

Sometimes the Wind in Texas blows in another direction then in the rest of the US

The Story of Texas Museum

Playground for the small in the front, playground for the big in the background

Joggers in Austin

A lot of cool bars, pubs, clubs and some fancy ones too.

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  1. capitol taller than the one in DC? hm... i dont just get to see the world, but also learn something new as you travel through the world! cool! enjoy reading your blog! its like a weekly travel magazine with cool pics and good info!