Friday, February 4, 2011

Just at the right time

Just checked the weather in Houston that is where the blue truck is awaiting my return. Seems like I have picked exactly the right time to fly to the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Today is my fifth day on Bonaire. I am staying with my friends Roland and Irene. They own and manage

After the cold nights in various state parks of Texas I enjoy the beautiful, tropical warm weather. Roland took me on a Kayak trip and snorkeling, we saw turtles, fishes and some funny tourists too. Got a little sun burned too, not too bad. Beach time, a little handyman work and a lot of quality time with my friends.

The mosquitoes like me a whole lot more than I like them.

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  1. a great vacation!!! isn't life just perfect? enjoy and chill! smiley is a doll!!!