Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A really cool place to stay

Last night we stayed at Esther & Julio's Campamento Tortuguero. A really beatiful and cool place.

Col. General Juan N. Alvarez, Mpio. de Copala
Playa Ventura, Gro, C. P. 41870

Beside a beautiful, inexpensive campground with very clean facilities, a small restaurant and five guestroom they also run a turtle nursery. This morning just before we left we could witness 107 tiny little turtles making their brave journey from the beach into the Pacific. Esther and Julio are protecting the turtle eggs from dogs, all kind of animals and also humans that rob the nests to gather and eat the eggs long before the little turtles could see their first day light. This season they have helped over 30thousend little turtles to make it to the ocean alive.

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