Monday, April 9, 2012

Colorful Antigua

Find more pictures of Antigua HERE and HERE.

Many colors on the market stands, as well... with the carriers.

Most, but not all girls are dressed traditionally. Don't mind...

Remote control?

Or rather bibel speaches?

Or more colorful fruits.

The catholic community is getting ready for Semana Santa (Easter week) a total of 88 people will carry that thing through town during the processions of Easter week.


Biker race through town.

Getting ready for Easter.

The cathedrale, colapsed during an earthquake.

But can still be visited.


Sunset over the Cathedrale.

Closing time.

In the streets of Antigua.

Laundry Day.

More market colors...


...even at the buchers.


More bibel speaches.

Gas Station.

Street Corner.

Parque Central. 

Bus terminal.

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  1. Still jealous. Thanks, as always for sharing your adventures.