Saturday, September 29, 2012

The blue truck's almost forgotten brother

This is what you saw under the covers in the earlier blog post "What might that be?" This is the blue truck's almost forgotten garage brother. Yes, really this Japanese has some far away British relative who had spent the last two years in storage in Switzerland...

...and was looking forward to be reactivated this fall while I am visiting Switzerland. This is an original Mini Cooper, one of those built shortly before the last one was rolling out of the factory while Rover was owned by BMW and the new Mini was introduced. It has a 1.3i engine and some 63 horses and thanks to a catalic converter at least some what o.k. to drive every day.

While its go-cart alike driving stile is giving the most pleasure to the driver its cute ass and look is a pleasure for many people, especially kids just seeing it passing by. More often than not kids turn around and wave at it just because of its kid alike size and its cute looks. 

And since this is all before anti-skid breaks, airbags all through the car, DVD headrests and all that beautiful useless stuff, it is extremly lightweight and has a satisfactory performance with its few horses.

And believe it or not, but it even serves as a moving vehicle, even though this picture was taken while I put all my stuff in storage two years ago and not during the move of my parents household right now. 

You just have to like Minis!

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