Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Riohacha & La Guajira

My small Hotel room in Riohacha, Colombia is a bike repair shop (had another flat last night), an office and my bedroom all at the same time. 

The Toyota is in repair right now. I have treated it a little too rough lately when I was off-roading the Peninsula during a time (rain) when every one says it was not drivable. The killer though was on the dry South East end of the Peninsula, where I had hit a rock. 

Almost, but no, it is not my axle lying in the desert of the Peninsula de La Guajira.

While the North East was very, very wet and even more muddy...

...the passage to the South-East was very rocky, and the South dry and sandy.

I hit a rock and broke off one of the U-joints that fixes the axle to the springs and via springs to the chassis.

My temporary repair to make it out of the desert over the next roughly 200 kilometers, about half of it through very rough terrain.

It worked and I made it o.k. to the town of Riohacha, where the blue truck is currently getting treatment from the Toyo doctors.


  1. +1 Toyota point for the trail-fix!

  2. Thanks James, I had some experience. In Alaska I encountered a couple their little Home Depot trailer broke the entire leaf spring off at both ends (I guess the two huge Quads and the hunted Deer on top of it were just too much for the little one axle trailer with its 10 inch wheels and all on hours of gravel roads). He cut a piece of a tree and I have fixed it under the chassis and the axle with straps as a replacement of the leave spring. So when I looked underneath my truck, I pretty much knew what to do. ;-)