Saturday, June 1, 2013

You Are Not Alone!

I am currently camping at Camping La Quinta in Cuzco, Peru. I have not seen as many Overlanders for a long time. Many countries are represented, a large French connection, Canadian's from London, Germany, New Zealand and since yesterday California, USA. And a Swiss in a blue truck.

Camping La Quinta Coordinates: S13°30.347'  W071°59.113'  3597 meters

After having camped in the wild for many days it is a lot of fun meeting up with other travellers again. I have ended up chatting so much that for the past two days I have not yet seen much of Cuzco at all. But the blue truck got a little TLC too. The constant beatings and vibrations over rough roads have killed one of the headlight bulbs and some of the bedroom light bulbs as well. All that is in order again, water filter next. And finding out where to get new BFG M/T tires in Lima. I could strech the replacement out another 5'000 kilometers or so if I would rotate them again rear to front. But I have some serious cuts from stones on the  rear ones and I do not really want to put those in the front. If one decides to quite on me I rather have it on the rear axle than in the front. Heading to Lima the coming week. Hope to find new ones there.

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