Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Love!

Long time no News here on the blue truck blog. As a regular reader you must have wondered what happened. And what did happen? - LOVE - As usual, when one finds a new Love one tends to be a little blinded for everything else, tends to spend a little more time with her than at the computer, with others, yes even with such good friends as you. - Sorry!

Yes, I did find a new Love! Finally confirming what some of my best friends have told me the very first day I told'em to set off for this trip; I would not come back from South America without having fallen in Love. - And so I did - or I do not, I should say! - She's called Patagonia and I have spend hours and hours with her the last few weeks. And still I can't get enough of her. She can be so bizarre, while so colorful at the same time, she invites me to hike and climb, to watch and see, to taste and try. She is one of a kind! I tell you.

So, I am sure you'll understand that blogging has fallen behind a little bit. After all this kind of thing called love can happen to everyone. But there is some good news in here for you! - For today, my new Love and I have fallen into a little disagreement, she got all wild, windy and seems totally up-set and as in so many relationships, me - being the man - does not see, understand or know why all that storm happens. It's been that night when all her kindness and her mild and colorful behavior all of a sudden turned around, she got wild and furios, she's throwing tons of water at me and the blue truck, she turned grey and nearly intransparent. Time to leave her alone out there for a while and just leave her being up-set, time heals many things. And time to get back to blogging, time to write something. So, stay tuned, you'll soon read all about beautiful Patagonia here, you'll see many pictures and you'll totally understand why I am soooooo in love with Patagonia.


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  1. shes is a beautiful lady, but wicked and wild at times. winter is coming! time to escape