Saturday, July 19, 2014

Height Limitations

My Toyota is kind of high, with its 2.55 meters, something over 8 feet for my US readers. While in the US and Canada it was rarely an issue however it has become one ever since. Often entrances to parking areas, hostels or campgrounds have a gate that makes it challenging or requires to take the spare wheel and mount down. Have you every been in Brasilia? The capital of Brasil, that was built in the 60ties totally new. It has large Avenues, free parking every where and is just really big in every imaginable way. And exactly there I found an even more challenging parking situation...

...check this one out! And that is a super compact Fiat Palio, probably some 1.50 meters high at most. But however, nice to see that the tree made it and kept priority in this town full of concrete.

Greetings from Brasil.

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