Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are you sure about your car being basic?

I am fortunate and I meet a lot of interesting people on my trip. Some of them being overlanders like myself. Travelling with all kind of fancy 2 or 4 wheeled motorized or pedalled kind of vehicles through the world. Sooner or later when we meet up, we being us overlanders, the talks will come to the vehicles we're travelling with, some being almost a bit religious about the set of wheels they're pushing through the mud others being quite proud of their fancy RV with flat screen TV, Aircon and all. Among the hardcore "take the long way around" folks I hear one statement quite a bit: "My car is very basic, no electronics, manual wind-up windows, nothing I don't really need..." Couldn't agree more with all those statements. The question remains, how basic can you get? - And now check out this one:

Still confident YOUR vehicle is very basic?

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