Monday, December 29, 2014

The blue truck Water to Wine Miracle

You know, when you are travelling with a 4 wheel drive travelling vehicle having water in your watertank is almost as important as having diesel in the fuel tank. But when you are shipping your vehicle over the Atlantic ocean things are a little different and you might start working on that Water to Wine miracle. 

By now, the blue truck has found home again and it is parked in my little workshop in Switzerland. Still, it has not entirely been unloaded and is still waiting for some TLC. But what I have done already: I have opened the top of the watertank and look what I have found when opening the lid. 

Interesting, here in the tank there always used to be around 80 liters of water. And now as I started unloading the whole sh... I hauled around the Americas I discovered all of a sudden there is a lot...

...I mean a lot of Uruguayan wine in the water tank.

A Miracle at last! 


  1. Hello, I really like your blog and the photos you show us from your travels across Latin America and the US.

    I was wondering if you remember the name of the town that appears in this photo, in the Ecuadorian coast.!i=2378707381&k=kqRZmgW

    I would like to visit this place next year that I am planning to visit the Ecuadorian coast.

    1. Hello Bori, Thanks for your message. This is at Hosteria Islamar, a wonderful spot. You will find all the information about it here:
      Enjoy your trip to Ecuador. Send me a message should I be able to help with anything more. Hasta luego!