Monday, June 15, 2015

Travelling aboard a Fright-Ship

 Have you ever wondered how it might be to spend an entire month aboard a fritht ship?

And even taking your car or RV along?

Or how small a 40 feet container might be when you are up on deck 12 of a large transatlantic vessel?

What the night aboard feels prior to....

...setting off?

Have you wondered how those pilots really get aboard...

...of the big vessels?

What does a passanger cabin look like on a frighter?

How big is it really?

What does the captains view looks like?

How fast is loading and unloading going on?

Where will you get your food from when in the middle of the Atlantic?

How many Containers do really fit?

How tall is the engine?

What happens when it happens?

BBQ in the middle of the Atlantic?


What does the Atlantic look like from the Bridge?

Did you wonder about work safety in Africa?

Or Car Shipping in Germany?

If you are interested in all that and... speak some German, than you are invited to check out my journal about 31 days aboard the Grande Francia, sailing from Montevideo/Uruguay to Hamburg/Germany. 

If you just want to know about prices and all the important Tipps and Tricks, check out this post.

If none of the above, you might just wanna look at some pictures and visit the gallery of my trip with Grimaldi's GRANDE FRANCIA

Enjoy - Happy Trails and happy Sails.

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