Monday, December 5, 2011

International Food

Did you say, it's Tacos and Burritos all the time in Mexico? Look how truely international the cuisine, or at least the shopping opportunities in Mexico are:

- Carnes Frias Estilo Suiza = Swiss style cold meet
- Hecho in España = Made in Spain
- Jamon de Serrano = Ham from Serrano
- Sold in Mexico...

Note: There are no mountains like that in Serrano, the poor piggies would freez their butt off long, long before they could turn into that excellent Jamon. There is no Serrano in Switzerland and the way this product is made has nothing to do with the way the Swiss make their ham. But, it sure looks good and if you've ever tasted Jamon de Serrano you'll agree with me, it tastes fantastic too. (sorry mi amigos vegetarianos) 

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