Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I have left the beautiful City of SanMiguel de Allende last Sunday and drove to Guanajuato. I have decided in order to sort out the confusion in my brains after the four week course in Spanish to attend another 2 weeks of classes here in Guanajuato.

San Miguel is sending me off

The former capital of Mexico is remaining the capital of the State Guanajuato. It gained importance and wealth in the early days of colonial times through the mining right in the surrounding mountains as well as the greater area around the city. Today the entire center of town is an UNESCO world heritage and under protection. Traffic flows partially through the cities narrow streets and to a big part through a network of tunnels that cross under the city in all kind of directions. They are all one-ways and some cross over each other underground or have actual underground cross roads. Initially they were constructed to protect the city center which lies at the lowest point of the valley from flooding during rainy season but soon after their use has changed and more and more of them were built. Some are narrow and dark and allow only passenger cars due to height restrictions.

on my walk to school

I stay on the only campground in town, Merrill RV Park. I will post coordinates for you later on, as it is everything else than easy to find.

on my walk to school

As in San Miguel de Allende I love walking to and from school. Observing all that happens in the morning hours in the streets makes it sometimes challenging for me to be in school on time. As when I was a little kid I sometimes get taken away by just looking at all, everything and everyone that is happening around me. It’s almost like I can’t get enough of all that action. The dealers in the streets pile up their veggies in the hopes of a successful business day. Mothers and fathers bring their kids to school and people whistle in order to stop the bus that has just left the bus stop without taking them aboard. The bus stops again in the street and loads the passengers while all the green-white taxi caps are honking their horns like there is no tomorrow.

on my walk to school

Got to get to my homework… soon there will be more.

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