Saturday, February 18, 2012

The last days in Mexico

After leaving the Chetumal area I have teamed up with Toni & Felix. They are travelling in their cool Mitsubishi Delica, called "Dino Evo", since it is the second vehicle of that type the own and have modified to their home on wheels.

Together we have made our way to the ruinas of Hormiguero, an easy well marked way and to the ruinas of Rio Bec, a not so well marked and not so easy way. But thanks to the recovery equipment as well as having the benefit of two cars, we negotiated our way to the ruinas. On the way back we were a little smarter and faster and through the most difficult mud hole we have built a little bridge with the sand boards I carry. Thanks to Ulla and Kari I have even four of them now. They are on a world tour with their Mercedes Sprinter and carried them around more than half the world without ever using them. So I traded a couple of bottles of red wine against the boards and I could put them on the side of the blue truck... not long before I really needed to put them to work.

Dino and the blue truck at Rio Bec

The road to Hormiguero is easy, no 4x4 required

4 eyed spyder mama, check out all the baby spiders that ride on her back!

Return from Hormigureo

Mud hole on the way to Rio Bec, First we got the Cruiser back out with the boards and hooked up to the Mitsubishi...

Then we tried to get Dino through but it slid off to the side into the mud or rather clay too. Digging and pulling it with the manual "Habegger" come-along winch we got it finally out. Laying a new way with the boards and taking the hole with lots more speed got the Land Cruiser through as well and off we went on our way to the ruinas. 

Our guide is working through some low hanging trees with his machete.

We picked the mayan guide up in the last village on the road to the ruins. Still 100% mayan inhabitants.

More trees...

...and finally at or on, the ruinas

Kind of a steep way back down.

What exactly were those signs meaning...

very solid construction

Dino gets through the mud hole again on the way back. A bridge with the boards and a lot of speed made it an easy passage on the way back. 

We were allowed to camp in front of the casa of the family of our mayan guide. That is were we started to get our equipment cleaned and got packed in the morning again. 

It is actually supposed to be "dry" season and if it hadn't been raining that much lately it would have been an easy drive to Rio Bec. However over the last couple of weeks it had been raining alot and therefore the path was not as good as it was supposed to be. 

Taking a guide along is not really mandatory but recommended. However, if you have a good vehicle and the right equipment you could probably find your way there yourself as well.

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