Tuesday, March 27, 2012

El Palmar Viejo - A Spooky Place - Stephen King?

El Palmar Viejo is an interesting place. A village in the State of Quetzaltenango, it has been nearly destroyed by serveral volcanic eruptions of the Santiaugito volcano. The latest in the late 90ies.  

Today there are just a couple of ruins and a lot of smoking, stinking trash left.

Just very view people were still there while we visited but the whole scene appeared more likely to be out of a Stephen King novel than a real world situation. 

Very spooky to say the least.

The blue truck among ruins and trash.

Off we go, even along the side of the access road - burning, stinking trash.

But - according to my Spanish teacher in Xela we have missed the most spooky places of all, which is supposed to be the grave yards of the village, just a little off the actual pueblo. As the village, the grave yard has been abandoned after the last eruptions of Santiaugito and no longer been visited neither used. Except for some banditos, that apparently have done some grave robbery and according to my Xela teacher there are open graves and you might be greated by some Zombies...

...the tombstones are covered with graffities just to add to the experience. I wouldn't say it's worthwhile going to visit El Palmar Viejo but if you do, don't miss the grave yard!

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