Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lago Atitlan

It's almost two weeks now since I am traveling at, on and around Lago Atitlan. It is simply beautiful. Tomorrow is already my final day again at school, which I am attending at "Corazon Maya" in San Pedro. THANK YOU James and Lauren for the hint. Really true, beautiful, peaceful and good. Eventhough sometimes I wish I was a couple of springs younger and the Spanish would stick a little better to my braincells. 

In Panajachel I was camping right at the lake and headed out with my Kayak everyday for the couple of days I have spent there. Fantastic to be on that lake surrounded by volcanos. The interesting phenomena every guide book writes about is true by the way. The weahter can change about as quick as in the Alps back home. One hour your heading out at a mirror alike lake just to paddle for hours and hours against strong winds and equally stong waves minutes later. 

Weather permitting, we, my german friends Toni, Tania, Marki and Felix and I, will head up to the volcano of San Pedro on Saturday. On foot that is - not by Kayak. Next destination will be Antigua.

Check out my German blog for more pictures of the lake. Click HERE.

The view from my camp

...and more of it, minutes later... enough yet? I don't.

Perfectly calm when heading out in the morning

...still about one hour later...

...happily kayaking in front of volcanos...

...when the first little waves come up...

...wind starts blowing...

...more waves...

...but this time I am lucky, most all of the way I have tail wind.

And I made it back to camp in less time than when the lake was calm.

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