Saturday, July 14, 2012

Panama - First Impressions

It is actually rainy season and sometimes it
is kind of wet on the streets.

But today I was touring Panama City by bike.

The Panama Canal - the driver for the economy of the country.

At the Miraflores Locks.


The blue truck is passing the locks on the bridges.

View from Plaza Francia towards the skyline of downtown Panama City.

A thunderstorm is taking over puente de las Americas...

...and soon after the City as well.

Casco Viejo is an interesting mix of modern Cafes, Restaurants... to a lot of ruins and construction sites... well as slums. Probably just a few years that will be like that and than...

...the poors will have been pushed further out of the City.

Panama City is definetly the most modern and cosmopolitan City of all Central American Cities.

You can find more of my first pictures on my german blog. And soon on the coming Photo Gallery of Panama.

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