Friday, February 8, 2013


Yes, my trip brings me through Central and South America, where the majority of the worlds drugs are beeing produced and transported through. So you might think "...he just had to try some of that sh*# himself..." And I must admit... 

...this view could very well be while on a totally different than a Panamerican Trip. Or as one of my co-workers said when I presented HQ's budget targets when I was running a company in the US "What are those guys smoking up-there? I want some of that stuff too!" 

But no, all this psychedelic pictures have nothing to do with what I smoke, drink or consume otherwise, and no I did not get into drugs either. It is simply the last view through a waterproof compact camera shortly before it decided not to be waterproof any longer. 

Come back soon to see on the coming Galapagos Photo Gallery what that camera saw a view minutes before it got high on saltwater and took this psychedelic shots instead of fishes, stingrays and  turtles.

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