Saturday, February 23, 2013

Talking about being high up

The picture in the last blog post was taken about 100 meters lower than the place a little off the road, actually that was unpaved as Garmin's Jill mentioned earlier on, where I free camped. Almost exactly 2'000 meters below the peak of Ecuador's highest mountain, the extinct Vulcano Chimborazo. And as I read, not only the highest point of Ecuador, the top of Chimbarozo with its 6'310 meters is also the point with the greatest distance to the center of the earth. Due to the earth's equatorial bulge that is. was just for about 30 seconds or so, early morninig when I could see some of the giant, usually it looked like... 

...that. By the way, did you notice, here in the middle of no-where, where it looks like you might imagine it looks on the moon, Jill, Garmin's Jill that is, is ready to navigate and she believes to be on a road, while the day before she was sure to be driving on an unpaved road. Mmmmh?

By now I have been descending to nearly sea-level again. Camping at the splendid Hosteria Islamar, where the Swiss-Ecuadorian couple have built a paradise. Don't miss it if you are road travelling on the Panamericana and spend a couple of days relaxing here. You can rent a bungalow, pitch a tent or vehicle camp here at several platforms high up on the rock across the island of Salango. There is WiFi and a restaurant as well.  

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