Saturday, March 9, 2013

Austin 245F - El Unico

Do you remember when the British car manufacturer Austin, famous for the great original Mini still made trucks. I didn't, until I saw this classic example in Colombia about 2 months ago. I believe this is a 245F model which was built until mid of the 1960ies. So this example my be well over 50 years old. And still going strong. The once panoramic original windshield has been modified, I assume due to the lack of a replacement and instead of one panoramic big screen the truck has now two flat front windshields and two little corner windows. Did you notice? No wipers. It also appears as the front has been modified to fit a larger radiator. I have seen this truck with the probably true, at least for Colombia, sign over the windshield "AUSTIN - EL UNICO" = "AUSTIN - THE ONLY ONE". 

And this is...
Source:'s British Original, note the huge panoramic windshield.

I spotted this vintage truck on a Ferry on Rio Magdalena in Colombia. 

The sister ship as we crossed each others path on the Rio. Note the interesting load on the ramp. In addition all the pedestrians and moto passangers were right upfront on that ramp as well. I figured due to no space further back and the only place with some shade behind the white truck, since it was very hot and even more humid. Good to trust those ramp chains. 

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