Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Calssic Cars on the Panamericana

The old Austin Truck that I had posted a couple of days ago has gotten a lot of clicks already. So I have decided to share some more classic cars that I have encountered along the Panamericana with you. Also visit my german blog post for another selection of classic panamericana vehicles. For links to more photos scroll down to the bottom of this post. 

Volkswagen Beetle in Guanajuato, a daily runner by the way.

Pretty stylish company car of 1886 cafe & bakery in Austin, Texas.

Along the road in Texas, 1960? 1975? 1980? No! The picture was taken 2011.

One of many VW's in Mexico.

A retired Dodge pick-up truck in Arizona.

A Buick in Arizona.

Upside down, probably to use its organs. In the desert in southern Arizona.

Another desert find of Arizona.

An another one.

The Arizona way of car recycling.

Pretty cool RV. Arizona, USA.

My very first car was a Triumph Spitfire like the yellow one in front of the home made buggy.

In the Canadian Rockies.

This was an interesting find: A former Swiss Army Unimog, now in Alberta. I was waiting in front of the store for a while to get to talk to the owners about the history and how the beast found its way from a Swiss Military warehouse to Canada. But no one seem to show up, so I left and just took the picture.

Route 66

More Route 66.

One of the many Gringos in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

And another Gringo in Mexico.

Beautiful old Land Rover 88 in Nicaragua.

Could have been taken 30 years ago, this picture. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Route 66

In Mexico it's the VW's in Colombia it's the Renault 4's

On the Road in Colombia.

A lot of Vintage trucks still doing there duty daily in Colombia.

A Colombian Zebra in Villa de Leyva.

The old Land Rovers are by far the coolest looking 4x4s, Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Volkswagen Camper in Mexico.

Don't know what this car was, it looked like an old Japanese model to me, but I don't know. On the Road in Colombia.

Bogota, Colombia. This would be a perfect car to build a vintage travelling car, 
the green truck - just dreaming.

Ready to go, we're packed! Another Colombian Renault 4

An early Suzuki 4x4, Villa de Leyva, Colombia.

Jeep Taxis in Colombia.

A Mack truck, actually in very good condition, Colombia.

Amazing. This bus does even have a passenger seat on the left of the driver.

50:50: 50% bus, 50% truck on the road in Colombia.

If you would like to see more photos of cars, trucks and what's moving the goods and people on the roads of the Americas:

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