Monday, September 2, 2013

It's not my fault...

...that I have a thing for things that smell of burnt oil, rubber, metal and make noise. More than a decade ago I have had the pleasure to join a small group of gentlemen that share this passion. And ever since, once a year we have set off to visit an event where we do not much else than this.

Fortunate enough, my short trip home to Switzerland was matching with the scheduled date for this years event, the Arosa Classic Car. A hill climb race in the mountains around Arosa. The classic cars are racing up the 7.2 Kilometers to Arosa on the regular road that is closed for the public for a few hours while the race is going on. 

I don't really think you need to be a classic car nut to find the beauty in those vehicles.

German 911 generations.

British coolness, I love the Minis, had three so far in my life.


Fourwheeled or...

...three wheeled.

Fun and concentration

Once Europe's fastest production four door car, Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super.

When tires were still fat...

...and steering wheels huge.

Well sounding names...

...impressive edges and...

...and an illoustrious audience on there way home after the race. 

You want to see more pictures of the Arosa Classic Car 2013? Check out the newest photo gallery HERE. Or visit my german blog for another selection of pics. 

Do you want to learn more about the Arosa Classic Car or even find out how you might get yourself listed for the 2014 race? Click HERE to get to the web page of the event or HERE should you desire to follow it on facebook.  

And why is it not? Not my fault? - As you I was born, but most probably unlike you I wasn't born at home, neither at the hospital. I was born in a car. That is what I blame for my passion for fast moving things, whether cars, planes, bikes, I just can't help being fascinated by 'em.

If you want to see the Renault Ondine (a classic itself nowadays) that I was born in, simply click HERE

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