Friday, August 30, 2013

Stats # 5: Kiss my A...!!

Fotunate I am. On the accidents statistics, there is one incident only. 

Smart - ironically enough - was her name, Mrs Smart. Vancouver, stop and go trafic. Four lines go into three, while I move forward slowly in the stop and go process of the Friday afternoon trafic, Mrs Smart decides to step down on that pedal. And she does it - she does it hard. The first and only time some one was kissing the blue truck's a... 

Her VW Jetta was totalled (so much to Deutsche Wertarbeit) while the blue truck suffered some scratches at the trailer hook, the bumper and a cracked tail light. I drove off - she paid the bill.

And that:

...that wasn't me!

Touch wood - for an accident free future of my trip.

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