Sunday, October 27, 2013

Always Those Landings!

"O.k., gear's out... what's next?"

"...I think I can do that!"

"Or should I perhaps just touch and go?"

"No! I think I can handle this one - this time it'll work!"

"Boaaa, and now those trust reversers - and I'm almost done!"

"Here we go, getting parked exactly where ground control told me to..."

"Hey, I tell you landing is a piece of cake for a pilot like me" 

"But now check out those fellows: That's never gonna work - hehe!"

"Crosswinds, that's not gonna work..."

"...told you buddy, touch and go!"

"And you? Way too much speed! Gotta slow that Baby down, you gonna crash it!"

For Aviation Nuts only, those landings and much more about Aviation HERE!

Happy Landings!

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