Saturday, October 26, 2013

For the Overlanders: One Sucre Campspot Gone Missing

Hello fellow Overlanders. Typically I like to share some good campspots here that you won't find already on everybody and their brother's websites. This time I want to spare you from knocking at a door where you expect to spend your night behind, and than getting send away. 

I have gotten the coordinates for this location from other blogs and it is also listed as a POI "Campground" on the current OSM database for Bolivia. The coordinates of three different sources plus OSM POI were matching, so I suppose I really knocked at the right, brown door. 

The campground information I had was: 
  • Alberto & Felicidad (no sign, look for brown door and knock)
  • Coordinates: S 19°02.580'   W 065°15.303'
I was there, knocked at the door, a young local gentlemen opened the  door, it was obviously where it used to be since the door opened to a mas o menos large grassy courtyard. He was obviously working on his car, he was friendly but did not know anything about camping nor about Alberto or Felicidad. I have questioned some other folks in the street that did not know anything about it but mentioned some Hostals that would allow camping. So depending on the size of your vehicle you might find a courtyard of a Hostal or Hotel where you can camp. I have also met travellers that could camp on the parking of the more or less high end Hotel Kolping above the City Center. Or just check into one of the many Hotels or Hostals that offer rooms at very moderate rates in Sucre (as I did).

Hope that helps. Enjoy Surce! - Happy Camping! 

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