Friday, November 29, 2013

Time Is Flying

Mexico was the country to meet again
 and again. Fun!
When I met Johannes, his Land on the Baja was just this, a piece of land. Over a couple of beers I discussed with Richard about his plans for a teardrop trailer he was about to build and about our passion for classic cars, by now Johannes runs an off-the-gride resort on his land, Richard races a classic Baja Racer over the peninsula. Nadja and Marcel, the Swiss couple I have met first in Alaska later in Costa Rica, is now living exactly there. Alex and Nathalie, I believe, are back in London, their Toyota sold to some happy campers. Others I have lost touch with and many new ones are to come. 

To find out about the panam roadies trips, where they are and what they are up to nowadays, visit Meet & Greet and klick on the linked names or blogs and you'll find yourself hooked to your screen and breathtaking stories of the Panam-Roadies for hours. Many of my travelling companions are already home, others that I will meet might have just left it. - Come along to the freshly updated Meet & Greet site! 

Travelling with Toni & Felix...
And it's not complete yet, come back and visit soon again to read about a native Braziliaon man, who became an orphan when his parents where killed by farmers hunting for more land for their cattle and many more interesting folks that make my trip worthwile not stopping yet...

Thank you for being part of it! 

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