Saturday, November 2, 2013

Who's got that remote control!

You've got it right in your hand! You are about to enter thousands of photos, that you browse through at your very own speed, at your leisure, when ever you want, all you need is your computer and an internet connection. And you are in control...

...come along and follow me through the world's longest moutain range, The Andes...

...or check out The Beauty of Nature or...

...take as seat in the blue truck as we glide along the laguna route in Bolivia and visit Laguna y Salares.

Don't even get off your seat and I'll take you to Bolivia.

Enough of high altitude and strange languages and icey temperatures. Here you go: Bonaire, a dutch island in the middle of the caribean. O.k. the strange language remains. Just different.

Crawl in your sleeping bag and camp with me at the most beautiful, wild spots.

Or get lost with me in the Forests of BC and Alberta. Or hang in there for the drive on the Dempster Highway through the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

More beautiful solitude is awaiting you in the Photo Gallery Chile North.

None of the countries I have visited was as far off the reputation it has. For the good.
Come along to Colombia with me, let's explore Bogota.
Take a seat and let us drive from Bogota to Medellín
Explore the beautiful Colonial City of Cartagena with me or...
And than let's stroll around Villa de Leyva before...
...heading from here to the capital Bogota

Once you are in Costa Rica, you won't get enough of exactly this. Breathtaking Fauna and Flora.

Are you more the cosy type of guy. Here is a gallery for you, all about hugging and kissing: Couples.

Ecuador offers so much, you won't sit still!

And than wait until I'll take you to the Galapagos.

But don't think you can always be the one starring at others. Click on this Link and you'll be stared at!

Food & Drinks and all that is some how linked to it comes to you right here.

What can happen when you've spent most of your professional life in Aviation can be seen here.

One of the biggest ecological challenges. Plastic in the Oceans. Found at the Beach is a gallery to rise awarness. 

Volcanos, hikes, ruinas and beautiful colonial cities: Guatemala.

How do you live? Check out House and Homes to see how others houses look.

Colorful Honduras.

A whole series of galleries to capture fantastic Mexico:

Beautiful colonial cities in contrast with limited possibilities for the locals, Nicaragua.

Everyone is fascinated by Panama and its Canal.

Ready for a high ride, off we go into the Andes of Peru.

Fascinated by everything with wheels? So I am. Have a look at ...

...Road Warriors I and...

Still not enough? Come along to the Arosa Classic. A mountain race for classic cars in the mountains of Switzerland.

All kind of signs can be explored here.

Someone has to take all those pictures: Check it out in the photo gallery Take a Picture.

And since my photo model is so popular, check out: The blue truck on the road.

Fancy solid longlasting things, check out the Die Hard gallery of Toyotas on the Americas, and if a solid 1000 is not enough for you check out Toyotas II.

Come along thorugh the US states of Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana or...

...more into the wild things. Off we go in to the wild: Alaska.

Join me in exploring ghost towns and abandond mines in Arizona

See a California that has little to do with Celebs, Universal Studios and Disney-Land.

Drive down Florida in the blue truck. As far as Key West. Being closer to Cuba than Miami.

Or take a seat and let us cruise through the cotton fields of Georgia

John Wayne was not there anymore, this fellow was, and you can be too: Monument Valley.

Nevada, more than just the water adicted city of Las Vegas.

Check out the breeding ground for many great inventions: Edison Museum, West Orange, New Jersey.

Take a seat! I'll take you to New Mexico.

And all that Jazz! Until your pants fly off: Of course in New Orleans.

All the way from the North East to Atlanta.

Breathtaking Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. And equally breathtaking nature in Washington State.

Big cities, not so big cities, cool cities... nothing's small in Texas.

Ride along through Utah and Colorado, parts of it at least.

From Zurich to New Jersey and from there to NYC.

Wild Things all the way from Alaska to Bolivia.

And the best of all, more to come as the blue truck's heading is still South.

Enjoy the control and watch the picture exactly at your speed. 


Stay tuned for more.

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