Saturday, February 8, 2014

Classic Cars and Ghosts

"Do not get scared, we do have a couple of ghosts that came with the classic cars to our museum..." We did look a little puzzled, when the gentlemen at the ticket counter in the samll chilenian Automuseum sent us off into the halls of the museum with those words. And of course we did not really believe those words. With a little critical smile on our faces we were heading towards the first of the halls.

We admired the classic cars, enjoyed seeing some of what even we drove once in our lives, like a Citroën 2CV like my first girlfriend had one or an original British Mini just like the one, built 1971, I was once driving around in at the tender age of 18. As little as we were looking for those ghost-drivers as little we expected them.  

But check out those pictures, just for a few seconds at the time they appeared. A lady-driver in Studebaker Pick-up, when I pointed the camara at her she gave me a big smile just before disapearing once and for ever. The gentlemen we spotted minutes later seemed to be ready to rattle off and out of the museum in his Ford Model A 1936. 

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