Monday, February 10, 2014

The True Off-Road Driving Experience!

Simulator-Training or how did you learn to drive?

Todays lesson: 


This interesting Simulator that I saw in the same museum as the ghosts has a full functional cockpit, with cluch brake and gas pedal as well as a gear shifter at the steering column. Speedometer, ignition and hand-brake. The road underneath the car is rolling according to the gas-pedal's position and the car moves on the road depending on the position of the steering wheel. There's also a traffic light on the top right hand corner.

In the rear view mirror you probably see your driving teachers secretary sitting at her desk doing her best to distract you from paying attention to your on-road adventure.

Did you learn driving like that? - I figuered that is the true way to be driving "off-road". 

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