Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Here comes one for my overlanding friends that are travelling even more basic than I do. Like Brenton & Shannon or Laura & James for example. It does not need a lot of space to carry your camping gear.

This was 2006 when I lived in Texas. I must admit though: That had nothing to do with overlanding. A weekend trip that was. But at least all the camping gear plus hiking boots and a little back pack did fit in the nearly non-existing trunk of my Caterham Super 7. I got pulled over by the cops just twice, didn't get a ticket though. 

O.k., o.k., back to the real thing and the story of this blog: Much more overlanding kind of stuff and if you want to see Camping pictures of the blue truck on my trip on the Americas you'd best check out the following LINK. (To be updated real soon).

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