Thursday, June 12, 2014

Going to Paraguay? - Meet the 2CV Man!

Do you know what a Citroën 2CV Sahara is? A 2CV with four wheel drive. But not just 4WD, it is a construction with two engines, one in the back one in the fornt. Each controlled by the same set of controls. And did you think this was ever sold in Paraguay? Correct - no way. 

So, Walter a German imigrant in Paraguay had to build his own to have one. This is exactly what Walter did. He constructed his very own Citroën 4x4. With two 2 cylinder engines, two gearboxes and all that, just like the original. Just that he never had any drawings or alike. After all he is in Paraguay and all that took place a couple of years before there was internet, facebook and alike. 

But that is not the end, Walter also owns a 2CV Fourgennette and two 109 Land Rovers. He and his wife Domi run a Hostal and you can contact Walter for individual tours in South America. You can also camp in his garden, your vehicle shouldn't be too tall tough. 

Walter has also written a book, find more information about it HERE on my German blog. Also a link, where you can order directly with Walter. 

Here you will find the Hostal right about inbetween Asuncion and Ciudad del Este: S25°26.234 und W056°26.571'.

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