Monday, August 24, 2015

My First Step on US Soil 1991

A bit of a flash back. 1990 to 1991 I backpacked around the world. Setting off in Zurich Switzerland heading to the capital of the USSR, Moscow, taking the transsibirian railway to Shanghai, through China to the, at the time, portouguese conlony of Macau and by speedboat to the vibrant british colony of Hong Kong. Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand were on my way before exploring the South Sea islands of Fidji. 

This is where I took an Air New Zealand 747, which brought me to Hawaii and with that to the very first time in my life when I put my feet on US ground. Hawaii in the early 90ies has been absolutely fascinating. Active volcanos, lava flows and tropical vegetation meeting on the steadily growing archipelago of Hawaii. One day I am going back, if nothing else just to see what it looks like now. 

And in case you've wondered what I have looked like than, this is a shot my girlfriend at the time, Esti took of my in Fidjii. Yes, we actually had some one else taking picture of ourselfs, this was before even the word "Selfie" has been invented, let alone carrying a portable computer or a cell phone all around the world.

No selfies, no laptops and..., no digital photography neither, those are scanned slides, so, excuse the bad quality of the pictures.

I hope you enjoy anyways! 

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