Saturday, August 11, 2012

Monument Valley - Utah

Find a series of pictures of the amazing Monument Valley in Utah by simply moving your mouse over here and click. An absolutely super spot to camp. Zero facilities but worth waking up with the sun glancing through the valley. Priceless. Enjoy!

Here are the coordinates where you are allowed to camp with an absolut fantastic view into the valley:


There is no infrastructure beside a couple of portable blue shit-houses. But worth doing without much more for one night. You'll have to get the permit in the hotel complex, it costs a couple of bucks, forget how much exactly. Also the drive into the valley is not free, what is nowadays anyway? And you can not drive the entire valley with your own car, some portions are "by tour operators only". 4x4 is not required to drive the valley, neither high clerance. The road is not paved but good. Nights can get cold, days can get hot.

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