Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have not been driving to Bonaire in the Toyota but flying. It is already a couple of months back on my trip since I parked the blue truck in Houston and boarded a plane to fly to Bonaire to visit my friends Roland & Irene who run a fantastic place on the Island in the Dutch Antilles.

The first pictures of Bonaire are on-line, more to come.

Should you want to fly to a beautiful caribean island with fantastic beaches, amazing spots to snorkel or if you are even a scuba diver, Bonaire is almost a must.

I would recommend to stay at Bonaire Fun at The Dive Hut or at Tropicana Appartments. The Dutch-Swiss couple Irene & Roland will make your stay a pleasant one, for sure.

Enjoy Bonaire!

Amazing colors...

...this is not a pool! It was a boat trip on the ocean.

Small house, big boat.

"You got mail" (mailbox at Bonaire Fun)

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