Friday, October 19, 2012

Back in Mexico

By now I am back in Mexico, and contrary to my trip from Mexico to Switzerland, this one was going very smooth. When I left I got mixed up in the strikes of the Lufthansa flight attendants, already checked in and happy to go the flight eventually was cancelled. I was rebooked on an Air France one for the next day. Shortly after midnight I finally got to an airport hotel with the Airline's vouchers in hand. Checked in with the overnight voucher, went to the bar, very happy to still get a meal and a beer there. Wanted to pay with the Food voucher, I was told Lufthansa's voucher was not valid at the bar but for sure it would be at the restaurant, only, that by now I had eaten my burger already and nothing but the very last sip of my beer was left and even more important, the restaurant was already closed, voucher in restaurant only, restaurant already closed, well I trashed the voucher and paid the bill. Next day I checked out and hung around at the airport until Air France opened its desks, just to be told to be on stand-by with them for the next two days. - Isn't air travel fun? - This made me knock at Lufthansa's desk again and surprise, surprise, no more vouchers, they have managed to find a seat for me and with a little over 24 hours delay I have left for Switzerland, via Frankfurt and...

 ...I figured I was pretty lucky to have gotten stranded in Mexico City rather than at their main hub Frankfurt. At least I slept in a decent hotel bed. The folks that got stranded in Frankfurt seem to have gotten the boy scout version and were camping at the airport. Hundreds of beds were placed all through the huge airport. 

I am glad to be back on my trip and to have traded air travel and hotel beds against driving and living in the blue truck once again. 


  1. Welcome back on the road! Hope we are going to see you in South America soon!

  2. Thank you my fellow travellers! Hope all is well with all of you! See you in South America.