Monday, October 22, 2012

Veracruz - Cartagena: Any Idea?

Finally the water is getting too deep even for the blue truck with it's snorkel. I am currently researching and looking...

 ...for a ride. But actually, since it goes through pretty deep water not a ride like that. And...

 ...flying might not really be an option.... own boat is kind of too small to carry the blue truck.

Therefore I am currently putting my nose into the world wide web to find a...
...boat ride from Veracruz in Mexico to Cartagena in Colombia.

The blue trucks fits into a standard 20' container or can travel... 
 ...on a RoRo (roll on - roll off) vessel but it...
...can't swimm all by himself.

So if you have done that trip before, you can be my Angel. Send the information you have available on it, such as agents you used, things that were easy are less important than those that weren't. 

Thank You.

VERACRUZ (Mexico) - CARTAGENA (Colombia) 

Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to hearing about your trip!


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